Heir of the Dog is a 2D platformer inspired by my puppy Rory and places near my house.

The Queen of the Garden Realm has died, leaving only one surviving relative: Rory the puppy. But Rory isn't big enough to be queen yet. With the help of Baron Blackbird, Rory must find 9 Magic Treats throughout 3 levels to grow big enough to become Queen... but Dark Magic has created evil enemies that will try to stop you.

I made the game using Construct 3, with hand-painted art made in Photoshop. The music was made by me for a different game. Most of the sound effects are from royalty-free sources. The dog sounds are by Rory herself, and Baron Blackbird sounds by a blackbird in my garden, recorded on my phone!

The game was originally made in 48 hours for Spring 2D Jam 2021 (jam hosted by me). I then spent another ~10 hours making a big post-jam update, adding more art, fixing bugs, adding mobile controls, and redesigning some things (dev log is here!). I'm really happy with how the game has turned out!

Development log

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