The Potion Commotion is a 2D platformer with an interesting twist: you can only move around by hopping!

You play as a sleepy frog who gets captured by a witch, and has to escape the witch's castle before he's used to make potions. Hop through 4 different stages... then defeat the witch to escape!

The game was made in Construct 3 engine, with art made in Photoshop. For some of the art, I used reference images from Google which I heavily edited and painted over in Photoshop. The menu music was made by me for a different game before this jam. I got the sound effects from various different copyright-free sources.


  • Click or tap on a part of the screen to hop in that direction.
  • You can hold your click/tap to power up your hop and jump further.
  • Click/tap while in the air to do a slam. The slam can destroy enemies.
  • Collect flies to regain health.


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awesome game and the move mechanic is really fun . with was hard but after 347 tries lol . naw but about 6 lol. great Job!


Thank you :D