Scrap City Scoops is a charming 2D game that combines platforming and time-based cooking gameplay. Enter the robot-filled world of Scrap City and become the best ice cream-making robot through 3 exciting and unique chapters.


Movement - Arrow Keys

Jump / Double Jump - Up Key

Interact with objects - Space Key

This game was made with the Construct 2 game engine for Gamedev.js Jam 2020, by Theo Clarke - with additional design and concept work by Chloe Page. The game jam theme was "Future". All the music and art is original.


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Awesome Game Dude.Hope To Have The Skill To Make Games Like You Someday!

Nice Work!

Although I’m not a fan of platformers, I really like this game. You even had an eye for details (like the face) and combined different genres!

Nice work!