Your goal is to GET ARRESTED by being a nuisance!

Use the WASD keys or arrow buttons to move around.

Click/tap to interact with OBJECTS in the level to increase your NUISANCE METER.

The more WITNESSES who see your crime, the quicker the nuisance meter will fill. Fill the NUISANCE METER to get arrested as quickly as possible!

This game was made in 4 hours for Trijam #117, the 3 hour game jam (I went a little over the time limit). The theme was "Don't learn from mistakes - repeat!", so my idea was a game where you're a petty criminal who wants to get arrested by repeatedly commiting petty crimes and nuisance acts! The player can then "repeat" the game to try and beat their time. Works on mobile and PC!

All artwork and gameplay was made by me in 4 hours. The music was made by me for a previous project before the jam. The sound effects are from various royalty free sources.

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