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"Spring is here, and your bee yard is beginning to buzz with activity!
But this is a tough time for the bees...

Keep your beehives fed and healthy until harvest time to collect as much honey as possible.
You will get a beekeeper rank based on your performance when harvest time arrives.

Use the WASD keys to move around.

Use NECTAR to keep the hive's food bar full.
Hives with disease or parasites lose food more quickly.

Use SANITISER to heal diseased hives.

Use REPELLENT to rid hives of parasites.

Simply walk into items to pick them up, and walk up to the hive you want to use them on.

Good luck!"


Hungry Hives is a 3D game about beekeeping, inspired by the theme "Spring". 

Software Used: UE4, Photoshop, Maya.

Created in 10 days by Theo Clarke for Harvest Mouse Jam.

(Twitter: @theoclarke4L  / theoclarkeart.weebly.com/)

Featuring music by Mallorie Lesher

(Twitter: @ratedM4mallorie  /  https://mallorieleshermusic.myportfolio.com/)


Install instructions

Download ZIP file on a Windows PC.

Open the Hungry Hives ZIP file and launch Hungry Hives.exe


Hungry Hives.zip 445 MB


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Its not downloading,at the end of it the download fails. How to fix this?

Oh thats weird, it seems fine for me. Maybe a temporary issue with Itch itself? 

Maybe,ima try again