A simple Easter-themed game I made in Unity in about 3 weeks.

Play as the Easter Bunny, collect chocolate eggs and golden eggs, avoid the hot chillis, collect carrots to regain life. The game supports PC and mobile (try using the full-screen button if some of the screen gets cut off).


~ On PC: use the UP and DOWN arrows, or W and S keys to move up and down.

~ Mobile: Use the on-screen ARROW BUTTONS to move up and down.

Developer's Note:

This is my first published game created in Unity. The project started as a learning prototype from a Unity course, which I decided to develop further, finish and publish. My goal was to create something simple but functional and polished to put my new Unity skills to the test.

This project took about 3 weeks from beginning to end, this included time spent learning the engine, completing Unity course modules and working my day job at the same time, so the work was quite casual and on-and-off. Still, I'm happy with how its turned out, and with my progress learning Unity.

All the music, art and gameplay were created by me. The sound effects are from various royalty-free sources. 

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