"Deck 'Em!" is a simple and silly pirate fighting game. Choose a randomly generated pirate, and deck as many other pirates as possible!

How to play:

  • Use the "Random Pirate" button until you find a pirate you like.
  • You can save a screenshot of your pirate to your device using the "Screenshot Pirate" button on the pre-fight screen.
  • Select "Fight" when you are ready!
  • Click or tap on the screen when the red icon is within the green zone on the sliding bar to punch the enemy pirate.
  • If you miss the green zone, the enemy pirate will punch you.
  • The red icon gets quicker the more pirates you deck!
  • Deck as many pirates as possible!

All pirates are randomly generated. There is a huge amount of combinations, with 20+ legs, 30+ torsos and 70+ heads, as well as a huge list of different names. (My maths-wiz friends calculated it and apparently the chance of getting the exact same pirate twice is 1 in 100+million!)

This game was made in 48 hours for the "Chip 'N' Jam" game jam. All art assets and gameplay were made during the 48 hour time limit. The music was made by me for a different game before the jam. The sound effects were sourced from various royalty-free packs.

I have aimed to meet the "Online" modifier by including the in-game option to download a screenshot of your pirate. I also aimed to meet "Accessibility" modifier by using only one-touch/one-button controls. The game is fully playable with just mouse clicks or taps using only one finger.

(NOTE: I uploaded an updated ZIP file of the game on May 21st. Nothing changed in the game except some optimisation and shrinking the file for quicker download).

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